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5 Section Taijiquan Solo Bare-hand Form (400200)
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5 Section Taijiquan Solo Bare-hand Form (400200)
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5 Section Taijiquan Solo Bare-hand Form (Yang-style)

This workbook presents the 5 Section Yang-style Solo Bare-hand Form material through a table of contents, a list of forms, a graphic overview and a visual presentation of the form on lined pages for detailed note-taking. There are also blank pages in the back for general use. By providing several reference points the workbook can be of assistance to a variety of learning styles.
The material here is specifically designed to assist taijiquan players in their study of the 5 Section Taijiquan Solo Form. The clear depiction of this beginner level Yang-style sequence enables students to be highly productive in their note-taking and solves the problem of endlessly searching through lines of unsystematic handwritten notes. This workbook will make learning easier and more enjoyable.