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LP Official Bootleg Series vol.2 (Yang 54 Sword) (100190)
(Martial Arts DVD's) Product ID # 11096

LP Official Bootleg Series vol.2 (Yang 54 Sword) (100190)
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LP Official Bootleg Series vol.2
Traditional Yang Style Taijijian 54

Sam Masich
(Solo Sword Form - All Levels)

The second in the Little Productions ‘Bootleg Series’ features footage shot from workshops in 2004 as well as a special a bonus performance. The entire Yang 54 straight-sword routine is performed with Sam solo and leading the class at a slow pace.

The form is narrated throughout and titled posture by posture. Class discussion and explanation follow along with several sword performances designed to clarify free-style sword practice. 60 minutes ©2003/2006

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