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Text Sitemap

  Our text based sitemap contains all our active products.
Music Home
music main page
Buy CDs
Buy music CDs from Sam's Store
Details about many of Sam's recordings and Albums
'Cow!' Aldous Orwell
Aldous Orwell's signature album
Taiji & Internal Arts
Seminar Calendar
View Upcoming Events and Classes
5 Section Taijiquan
This is the home page of the 5 Section Taijiquan work
5 Section Intensives
this page introduces the 5 Section program
5 Section demo clips
this is a page for demos of the 5 Section forms
Yang Taijiquan program
This is a page devoted to Sam's work with Yang style
Yang-style Taijiquan
This is an overview of the Yang-style Taijiquan method of Sam Masich
Meetings with Yang masters
this is a page devoted to Sam's meetings with Yang masters
Yang-style Baduanjin
An PDF overview of the Baduanjin
Studying with Sam
This page describes whats involved in Sam's workshops.
Arranging a Saminar
This is a hidden page which is shared only with people wishing to organize a workshop with Sam
SamStudy Berlin
This is an English info page on studying with Sam in Rummelsburger Bucht
Berlin Taiji Apprenticeship—2013
the Jan-Feb apprenticeship program
Private Study 2016
Sam's availability for private lessons
About Sam
Sam's Martial Arts Biography
Sam's Teachers
Sam's Teachers
Pix with Friends
& Masters
Sam Masich with Tai Chi friends and Masters
Strange Horse News
Download 'Strange Horse' news as a pdf
Español de la web de Sam Masich
Taiji y Artes Marciales
this is the Spanish Taiji and Internal Arts page
Taijiquan de 5 Secciones
5 Section Taijiquan page in Spanish including downloadable forms pdfs
Biografía de Sam
sam's Taijiquan bio in Spanish
Profesores de Sam
Sam's teachers in Spanish
Articulos de Sam
Articulos de Sam
Cursos con Sam Masich
These are workshop writeups from Madrid. By Maribel and Javier
Sam Masich Tai Chi Biografie und Willkommen
Taiji & Innere Kunst
This is a German version of Sam's Internal Arts homepage
Privatstunden in Berlin
Deutsche Sprache page for private study in Berlin
Sams Biographie
Deutsch bio
Sams Lehrer
This is Sam's teachers page in German
Die Artikel von Sam
Articles in German language
This is the Français section of Sam's site
Biographie de Sam
Sam's bio in French
Professeurs du Sam
Sam's teachers in French
Special Intensives Archive
this is an archive and information place for special intensives offered by Sam
2011 Madrid—13 Taiji Sword
Madrid Taiji 13 Power Sword Intensive Nov-Dec 2011
2010 5 Section Intensive Gatineau
this is the homepage for the 2010 5 Section Taijiquan intensive in Gatineau...
2010 5—Intensive Report
Updates from the Gatineau Intensive
2009 5 Section Intensive Madrid
this page give info on the 2009 • 5 Section Taijiquan Curriculum Intensive
2009 Push-hands Camps
18th Annual Sam Masich . Vancouver Push Hands Camps • 2009
2009 Yang Intensive
This is the page for info on the Yang Taiji Intensive 2009
Yang Intensive Report
This is an ongoing update of the 2009 Yang Intensive
San Miguel de Allende
about San Miguel
2008 Push Hands Camp
This page is devoted to the history and content of the Push Hands Camp
2007 5 Section Teacher's Intensive
this is a page of recollections and documentation for the 2007 intensive
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Film & Other Art
HiWire Archives
this is where old HiWire messages are archived
Other Art Home
Other Art Home page
Think Links
A page of links to material worth thinking about.
Deity and Disciple
The Zhenwu and Zhang Sanfeng series
Deity/Disciple pricing
Pricing for Deity and Disciple pieces
Theatre, Film, TV
an overview of Sam's theatre work
The SMIAL Project
this is a page devoted to Sam's collection of taijiquan Qigong etc. materials
Library News & Donors Page
this page gives news re: developments in the library and appreciates contributors
Library Wish List
books and resources needed by the library
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