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2010 5 Section Intensive

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2010 • 5 Section Taijiquan
Full Curriculum Intensive
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
July. 2—26, 2010
Sam Masich
Jill Heath & Adriaan Blaauw

In this intensive we will be focusing on the 5 Section Taijiquan curriculum in its entirety with the purpose of developing high level practitioners. Instruction will include: the five 5 Section Taijiquan forms, Jue-shou & Jue-jian partner practices and Core Principles. (see more below) It is expected that participants will advance greatly in all practical and theoretical aspects of this material. Upon satisfactory completion, each class member will receive a participant's certificate.
Eligibility: This course is designed for serious students of Taijiquan who wish to complete the entire 5 Section syllabus as taught by Sam Masich. To be eligible for the course, students must have studied approximately 50% of the material prior to the start date of the class. Ideally this will have been with Sam or his advanced students but work with other teachers will be taken into consideration as well.

Students must be willing to work hard, indoors and outdoors for long hours, commit to the schedule of training for the four weeks and meet financial commitments. This is a serious undertaking which will likely disrupt other personal and professional involvements temporarily.

Jill and Adriaan will be offering several mini workshops on the 5 Section Chen and 5 Section Two-person Sword in preparation for the intensive. These will be in Gatineau on the following dates:

(1-4 p.m. Two-Person Sword on Saturdays; Chen on Sundays)
Workshop #1                Sat & Sun 22 & 23 Aug 2009
Workshop #2                Sat & Sun 26 & 27 Sept 2009
Workshop #3                Sat & Sun 07 & 08 Nov 2009
Workshop #4                Sat & Sun 16 & 17 Jan 2010
Workshop #5                Sat & Sun 27 & 28 Feb 2010
Workshop #6                Sat & Sun 10 & 11 Apr 2010
Workshop #7                make-up/rain date    Sat & Sun 05 & 06 Jun 2010
Full details here:

Framework: The course will run from July 2-26, 2010 in Gatineau, Quebec in Canada. Classes will take place four days per week, running Fridays through Mondays. (Some subjects may be taught in seminar format allowing participation of outside students.)

About Adriaan Blaauw
Adriaan Blaauw started studying martial arts in 1992 and has been teaching since 2003. His studies have included Chen and Yang-style taijiquan, bagua, kali, jiu-jitsu, xingyi and xinyi. He is a graduate of the 6-week 5 Section Teacher’s Training and Curriculum Intensive, taught by Sam Masich, Vancouver 2007. 

He made his competition debut in April 2008, garnering 4 silver medals for form, weapons, fixed- and moving-step push hands. Adriaan will be appearing in the Chen section of Sam's upcoming 5 Section Taijiquan textbooks. 

About Jill Heath
Jill Heath has been studying the internal arts since 1990, has taught in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. since 1995, and made her competition debut in 1999 with a personal best in 2001of 3 gold and 3 bronze medals at a single tournament.

She is a graduate of the 6-week 5-section Teacher’s Training and Curriculum Intensive, taught by Sam Masich, Vancouver 2007. She will be appearing in the sword section of Sam's upcoming 5 Section Taijiquan textbooks.

She has been certified as an Associate Healing Tao instructor, Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor, Senior Level instructor (Canadian Taijiquan Federation), and is a past president and director of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation.  She continues her studies of the internal arts with Sifus Helen Wu, Nick Gracenin and Sam Masich. 

At the National Canadian Kung Fu Fellowship tournament, April 2008, she received 3 gold and 2 bronze medals in 5 events (form, weapons, moving and fixed step push hands, shuijiao)
Gatineau/Ottawa: Here along the rugged Ottawa River beats the heart of Canadian history. On one side of the bridge, Gatineau, Quebec with its vibrant French Canadian culture, the Museum of Civilization and the beautiful, seemingly endless Parc Gatineau. On the other Ottawa, Ontario: Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal and the National Gallery of Canada.

This is an area that offers endless opportunities for culture and exploration (and has great Chinese restaurants). Did you know that youngster Canada is the the oldest continuous democratic federation in the world? Along with amazing museums, palaces, restaurants and shopping, Gatineau/Ottawa is host to a vibrant taijiquan and other martial arts community.


5 Section Taijiquan Full Curriculum Intensive:
(Four four-day weeks)
Focuses on mastery of the technical elements of the 5 Section Taijiquan Program. Includes certificate and evaluation.

5 Section Taijiquan 五段太極拳
    (solo form Yang style)
    Solo bare-hand taiji form. Derived from Yang style (Beginner)
5 Section Taiji San-shou 五段太極散手
    (2 person form)
    Two person bare-hand taiji sparring form (Intermediate)
5 Section Taijijian 五段太極劍
    (solo sword form)
    Solo taiji sword form. (Beginner/Intermediate)
5 Section Taijijian (Duilian) 五段太極對練劍
    (2 person sword form)
    Two person taiji sword 'sparring' form (Intermediate/Advanced)
5 Section Chen Taijiquan 五段陳式太極拳
    (solo form Chen style)
    Solo barehand taiji form. Derived from Chen style
5 Section Taiji Qigong & Core Principles 五段太極氣功
    A 'modular' curriculum of basic principles and energetics.
5 Section Taiji Jue-shou 五段太極覺手
    Multi-functional partner drills which support form work.
5 Section Taiji Jue-jian 五段太極覺劍
    Multi-functional partner sword drills which support form work.