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5 Section Intensives


5 Section Taijiquan Special Intensives:
1) Full Curriculum Intensive
2) Instructor Certification Intensive

Wuduan Intensive News:
2010 Full Curriculum Intensive in Gatineau, Canada report (archive)
2009 Full Curriculum Intensive in Madrid, Spain overview (archive)
Sam has begun work on a 5 Section Taijiquan Program textbook.

There are two types of 5 Section Taijiquan intensive, the four week 'Full Curriculum Intensive' and the six week 'Instructor Certification Intensive'. In both courses the entire 5 Section Program curriculum is covered, however in the first, the focus is on purely technical aspects of the curriculum while the second features curriculum in the light of the interests of an instructor.

In these intensives we focus on the 5 Section Taijiquan Program with the goal of developing high level practitioners and teachers. Participants in these courses advance greatly in all practical and theoretical areas of the art. Upon satisfactory completion, each class member receive a certificate and skill evaluation assessment.

This course is designed for intermediate and above level students of Taijiquan who wish to complete and learn to instruct the entire 5 Section Taijiquan Program as taught by Sam Masich. To be eligible for the course, students will have studied approximately 70% of the material prior to the start date of the class (see Curriculum below). Ideally this will have been with Sam but studies with Sam’s advanced students, DVD learning aids and with other teachers will be taken into consideration as well.

Students must be willing to work hard for long hours, commit to the schedule of training for the six weeks and meet financial commitments. The course will be limited to 15 participants.

Framework of the intensive: The course curriculum course would normally run for four consecutive weeks for the Full Curriculum Intensive and six weeks for the teacher training. Classes take place four-consecutive-days per week. Class structure typically involves a mix of material each day, though some subjects may be taught in a seminar format in order to allow participation of other students.

Applying: If you are interested in this course and think you might meet eligibility requirements you can email Sam for an application.

Accomodation: The cost of the course does not include meals or accommodation. It is suggested that prior to the course participants begin dialoguing with one another ASAP to: a) find out if anyone in the class knows of any suitable and available living spaces, and b) find shared accommodation.

Finances: Half of the course fee is remitted in non-refundable advance as a deposit and holds your place in the class. Special arrangements regarding the deposit and fee will be considered based on individual circumstance.


There is a lot to consider when taking a course of this nature: Taking time away from work, family and friends; being in condition and up-to-speed with your material; financial commitments, etc. These can all be stressful factors in preparation the intensive.

Start working on your support network now!
Think about who will assist you in realizing this goal:
• Show your friends and supporters the 5 Section Taijiquan material so they can see what kind of journey you'll be embarking on.
• A year before the event, start a practice collective to work on the 5 Section curriculum. Make a schedule for practice.
• Plan a budget to save for the course deposit and fee, and for lost income.


1) 5 Section Taijiquan Full Curriculum Intensive:
       (Four four-day weeks)
Focuses on mastery of the technical elements of the 5 Section Taijiquan Program. Includes certificate and evaluation.

5 Section Taijiquan 五段太極拳
    (solo form Yang style)
    Solo bare-hand taiji form. Derived from Yang style (Beginner)
5 Section Taiji San-shou 五段太極散手
    (2 person form)
    Two person bare-hand taiji sparring form (Intermediate)
5 Section Taijijian 五段太極劍
    (solo sword form)
    Solo taiji sword form. (Beginner/Intermediate)
5 Section Taijijian (Duilian) 五段太極對練劍
    (2 person sword form)
    Two person taiji sword 'sparring' form (Intermediate/Advanced)
5 Section Chen Taijiquan 五段陳式太極拳
    (solo form Chen style)
    Solo barehand taiji form. Derived from Chen style
5 Section 24 Movement Taijiquan 五段二四式太極拳
    (solo form Yang style)
    A '5 Section approach' to the PRC standard.
5 Section Taiji Qigong & Core Principles 五段太極氣功
    A 'modular' curriculum of basic principles and energetics.
5 Section Taiji Jue-shou 五段太極覺手
    Multi-functional partner drills which support form work.
5 Section Taiji Jue-jian 五段太極覺劍
    Multi-functional sword partner drills which support sword form work.

2) 5 Section Taijiquan Instructor Certification Intensive:
       (Six four-day weeks)
Includes study of full 5 Section Taijiquan curriculum (above) with a focus on instructing and coaching; class structure and program development; ethics and issues; and more.

(Chen-style study from 2007 Teacher certification. Vancouver, Canada)