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The SMIAL Project

For over thirty years I’ve been collecting books, journals and footage ontaijiquan and related subjects. The library, which is now housed in Berlin, Germany, contains a good many treasures and is in need of expansion and organization. Recently the process of cataloging has begun, with over 500 hundred English titles having now been inventoried.

Uses for the library While the library exists primarily as a research resource for my own writing, individuals interested in using the library for other projects are welcome to contact me to make arrangements. A list of most book items in the library can be found here. We're currently working to include a comprehensive journal and DVD section as well. You can keep up-to-date with library news as developments take place.

Related subjects Taijiquan and the internal arts are the main focus of the collection with over a thousand books and journals on these subjects in English, Chinese and other languages. Related subjects include: other internal and external martial arts; qigong(and kindred health practices), Chinese history, philosophy and folk literature; daoism and the yijing.

SMIAL Wish List A wish-list of needed materials with web-links to purchase sites gives potential donors to the library a good sense of what we're looking for. Direct donations of books, DVDs and other items searching for materials creatively and sending them to the library directly. Duplicates will be made available for resale on the SamStore with proceeds going to the library.

Donations Donors of either library materials or the funds to obtain them, are needed in order to upgrade and round out the selection. Over the years several individuals have provided me with key research materials that have allowed my work to grow and deepen, benefiting the practice of students around the world. Notable examples have included: my first instructor Brien Gallagher who donated his entire taijiquan and judo collections, my teacher Dr. Yang Jwing Ming who has given me many YMAA titles and my long-time student and colleague Ed Cooper who has donated several out-of-print books that are now extremely difficult to find.

Occasionally people decide to divest themselves of their whole taiji library. In such cases I would like to be contacted and make arrangements for acquisition. One might ask oneself the question,‘would this book do more good sitting on my shelf or as part of Sam’s library?' As an independent researcher I lack the resources of an institute supported professor and therefore greatly value the contributions of individual students, supporters and associates.

Financial contributions toward the library are also gratefully received and I am offering a deal for certain donation amounts. Financial donations can made through PayPal via the 'donate' button below. Donor names are listed here or one may remain anonymous if preferred.

Duplicates It is not a problem if the library winds up with duplicates of some titles. These can be offered for resale on the website as another way to help raise funds for the project.

The library can also use donations of time, especially as it gains more online presence, for things like categorizing, researching potential materials and posting information. Library needs are posted at library news. If you’d like to discuss how you can help with the Sam Masich Internal Arts Library Projectplease don’t hesitate to contact.

Book contributions can be mailed directly to:
Sam Masich Library Project

Das Andere Haus VIII
Erich-Müllerstr 12
Berlin, Germany, 10317