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Strange Horse News

Welcome to the new, paperless, Strange Horse News. With this down-loadable newsletter you can keep up-to-date with Sam’s latest ‘Little Productions’ and find videos, articles, book reviews, special-offers, music, schedule info and more. Feel free to print-out and share items from Strange Horse with your friends.

The latest Strange Horse:

Strange Horse News:
Spring-Summer 2010 (3-1)
  • Feature Teacher: Jill Heath
  • Music News: 'Lucky Time' update
  • 1st Berlin Push Hands Camp
  • Announcing intensive 2011 & 2012

Why 'Stange Horse?'
    ‘Maxiqi’ 馬希奇 is the Chinese name used by Sam Masich. The name was confered on Sam during the 1985 World Wushu Invitationals in Xi’an, China, when Sam was a member of the Canadian National Wushu Team. ‘Maxiqi’ (pronounced Ma-h’shee-chee) is ‘Masich’ sinofied and literally translates to 'Strange Horse' (‘Ma’ means 'horse' and ‘Xiqi’ means rare or eccentric).
Strange Horse archives:

Strange Horse News:
Spring-Summer 2009 (2-1)
  • Hyper-linked edition!
  • Feature Teacher: Karin Collins
  • Music News: Announcing: 'Lucky Time'
  • Book review: Qigong Fever (David A. Palmer)
Strange Horse: Nov. 2008 Update; Euro-tour

Strange Horse: Oct. 2008 Update; Ontario/Quebec

Strange Horse: Spring 2008 Update

Strange Horse News:
           Spring-Summer 2008 (1-3)
  • First hyper-linked edition!
  • Feature Teacher: Javier Arnanz
  • Video News: Sam Masich Video Classics Collection on special until May 2008
  • Music News: Cow! Review; CDs on special
  • Book review: Douglas Wile's books T’ai-chi Touchstones: Yang Family
    Secret Transmissions & Lost T’ai-chi Classics from the Late Ch’ing Dynasty

Strange Horse News:
           Spring-Summer 2007 (1-2)

  • Feature Teacher: Ed Cooper
  • Video News: 4 New DVD titles!
  • Music News: SamSongs Special: 3 CDs for $35; The Aldous Orwell Show
  • Book review for Rick Barrett's book Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate

 Strange Horse News:
            Fall-Winter 2006 (1-1)

  • Feature Teacher: Jan Parker
  • Video News: Special offer; Tai Chi in Performance.
  • Music News: Michael Friedman’s latest album Diamond Space; collaboration with Sam
  • Book review for Barbara Davis’ book The Taijiquan Classics
Strange Horse News Spring 2003
  • The Yang Intensive
  • FFM in Germany
  • 'Tai Chi People': the Movie
  • Black Sash (TV show) and Bagua
  • The Vitality Project
Strange Horse News Spring 2001
  • The Big Plan: (Part One)
  • Yang Family, Yang Style (article)
Strange Horse News Spring 2000

  • Sam's neck
  • Beynd Boundaries PAWMA

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